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Please read the following rules below. You will be required to sign a form acknowledging these rules in order to participate in the auction.

1. All payments must be made by CASH or CASHIER’S CHECK.

2. Each buyer must pay a non-refundable registration fee of $20 on each visit to the auction.

3. The doors open at 8 a.m. and the sale starts at 9:30 a.m. Only registered buyers with a visible bid badge are allowed in the sales arena. No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the auction arena. NO GUESTS.

4. At the conclusion of the repo sale, the public must leave the premises. At this point, this is a dealer only sale. This is in compliance with state law and insurance requirements. Police and security will enforce these rules.

5. A $500 deposit for EACH anticipated vehicle purchase is required. One (1) bid badge will be issued for each $500 deposit paid.

6. If a vehicle is purchased, the deposit will be applied to the purchase price. The balance is due the next business day by 5 p.m. The vehicle may not be removed from the premises until payment in full is received. Any vehicle not removed within 7 days after the sale, will be charged a storage fee of $8 per day starting on day 8.

7. If you have purchased a vehicle on an "if" basis, we will have an answer for you within two (2) hours after the sale. You may wait outside the sales area, or we will call you with the answer.

8. Buyers who do not purchase a vehicle must leave the auction arena within 10 minutes of the end of the public sale. Failure to vacate the arena will forfeit the deposit.

9. Under federal law, the individual listed above must be the purchaser of the vehicle. Title will only be signed over to the above listed individual.

10. According to Ohio state law, all vehicles purchased during the Public Sale are subject to sales tax. Sales tax amount must be paid at time of purchase.

11. ADESA Cincinnati-Dayton reserves the right to bar any public buyer from participating in the auction.

12. The undersigned acknowledges that any purchase is without representations or warranties from the seller (lending institution) or the auction.

13. The seller and the auction assume no responsibility or liability for mechanical or structural damage. Buyer assumes all responsibility for damages to the vehicle or for injury caused by the vehicle after payment is made.

14. Buyer realizes and agrees that neither ADESA Cincinnati-Dayton nor the seller is responsible for the accuracy of the odometer, the reading of the odometer or the odometer statement.

15. The auctioneer is licensed by the division of licensing, Ohio Department of Commerce, Columbus, Ohio, and is bonded in favor of the state of Ohio.

16. Deposit will be returned only to the registered buyer with proper identification.

Click here to download the rules.